Leading Distillers is an equal opportunity employer with emphasis on gender balance and opportunities for all basing on ability and skillset. We offer regular trainings to our employees to keep them abreast with the ever changing and advancing job demands and technologies.

Available jobs

No jobs available for now

Common job Listings

  • Corporate office jobs
    • Department Managers
    • Accounts
    • Marketing
    • Human resource
    • Lab technicians
    • Public Relations
    • Opertaions
    • Front Desk officers
    • Secretaries
  • Sales Representatives
  • Drivers
  • Machine operators
  • Casual workers

Leading Distillers (U) Ltd is among the top distillers in Africa and also one of the best manufacturers of quality gin, ready to drink and whisky in the African great lakes region. We take pride in using the latest modern and advanced technology equipment in the field of production as we lead and others follow.

Regional Offices


Dar Es Salaam
Msimbazi Kariakoo Sreet
Plot No. 8, Block 36,
Ilala City Council
Dar Es Salaam.
Near by ABC Hotel,
ABC Bank

Wapare Street
Plot No.107, Block 36/37
Arusha City Council.
Near By Uhuru Road

Nyakato National
Plot No 194 Bb,
Ilemela Municipal Mwanza.
Near By Tanesco Blocks


P .O .Box 16535 – 00100.Nairobi Kenya
Industrial Area Falcon road, Off Enterprise road.
Simbi complex. Nairobi

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