Our Team & Safety Measures

Hygiene Policy: To maintain maximum hygiene levels of work environment and the procedures used in achieving a best quality product. This is achieved through;

  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection of the work areas
  • Regular disinfection of food (product) contact surface
  • Routine medical examination of workers
  • Provision of good personnel facilities and regular vigilance
  • Separate storage of raw materials and product to avoid cross contamination
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of machinery
  • Routine checking of workers for hygiene parameters set out in LDU/QA/HR/03
  • Provision of adequate training staff in hygiene practices
  • Physio-chemical and microbiological examination of ingredients and products in line with the standard requirements (Uganda standards and International Standards)

    Staff Hygiene : All workers are provided with the necessary facilities like uniforms, gum boots, gloves, head caps and mouth and nose masks.

    No one is allowed into the production areas without the above facilities.
    Workers clean their hands with a suitable hand sanitizer at every absence from the processing factory.
    Visitors are allowed into the factory on prior arrangement and must comply with employee requirements.

    Medical Examination: All employees are periodically examined by a medical practitioner. Employees who are found to be suffering from infectious illnesses are not allowed to work in areas where food(product) is exposed.


Microbiological contamination: This is caused by various kinds of bacteria. Where the bacteria in question are identified through lab test, an appropriate preventive action is taken to arrest further re-occurrence. Such preventive actions may include:

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of work area and processing equipment.
  • Control of staff hygiene
  • Regular maintenance of processing equipment
  • Provision of sanitary facilities

Control Points: These are points of focus on potential non conformances Elimination of the bad from the good is done at these points
At these points, corrective actions can be taken to arrive at the desired quality level of the product in question.

Critical control points A Critical Control Point (CCP) isĀ  a point in a food process at which control can be applied and, as a result, a food safety hazard can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to an acceptable level. They are the vital key points in food processing operations that have to be controlled in order to safeguard the health of the consumer.
Such points include reception, blending the UV treatment, and exclusion of foreign matter
Any negligence at this point leads to product rejection
In a bid to minimize the quality costs, close supervision of the control points is done to prevent any occurrence of non-conformances.